What goes in a childminder first aid kit?

Wondering what goes in a childminder first aid kit? When you go through childminder training with Koru Kids, you will get a free 12-hour first aid course along with everything else. You will be prepared to deal with emergencies, big and small, but to do that you will need a first aid kit that contains the right things for childminding, too.

Our first aid provider Tigerlily recommends this first aid kit for childminders. Thankfully, it’s only £18, so it shouldn’t break the bank. 

Looking for childminder first aid training?

childminders need a goof first aid kit like this bear has
It’s mostly bumps and bruises, but you have to be prepared

What goes in my first aid kit if I’m a childminder? 

If you already have a kit in your home, you need to make sure it’s stocked. Check that it contains the following:

  • Safety pins                                        
  • Microporous tape
  • Sterile gauze swabs, and tubular gauze            
  • Adherent dressing         
  • Finger dressing                   
  • Triangular bandages                                     
  • Wash-proof plasters for children (so many!)                    
  • Eye pad, and bandage No. 16                      
  • Dressings (Small, Medium, and Large)                                   
  • First aid book or leaflet                         
  • Disposable gloves (watch out for latex allergies)                                                    
  • Resuscitation device (In intact packet)                
  • Scissors (first aid scissors—don’t use something from your crafting-kit)                                                 
  • Saline wipes (antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds)

Where should I keep my childminder first aid kit?

Keep one kit in your home, in the kitchen or bathroom—or both! Make sure it’s in a locked cupboard or high up where only you can reach it. You should be able to get to it quickly and easily, but children should not. And make sure you have a kit with you when you are out with the children too. 

Where do I store medications and epipens as a childminder?

Ask the parents where these should be stored. Some will need to be kept cold, some in a locked cupboard at room temperature. They might come with a carrying case of their own. In general, don’t store medications in the first aid kit. What’s important is that you can get to epipens or other medication quickly, but children can’t get to them.

More to learn

If you’re looking for the perfect first aid course for childminders to go with that kit, we have written an article about that too. Any other questions you have about what should go in your first aid kit can be answered by expert trainers during your paediatric first aid training.

We know there’s a lot to think about when you decide to become a childminder. Please email us on earlyeducators@korukids.co.uk to ask about our registration process, our business support for childminders, and anything else you’re wondering about.      

Looking for childminder first aid training?