Setting up your own childminding business can be hugely rewarding – both financially and in terms of the lifestyle it can give to you and your family. The benefits of being a childminder really are endless.

Spending time with your own children

One of the main reasons that people go into childminding is to be able to spend time at home with their own children while they are young. And the alternative – going back to work and paying for separate childcare – often doesn’t make financial sense. As a childminder, you can look after your own children alongside children who are paying for care, although you do need to bear in mind that this will impact on your Ofsted care ratios.

Many people become childminders to spend time with their own children

Working from home

Another benefit of being a childminder is that you are able to work from home – meaning no commute, and during the day you can take the children to play outside in green spaces and explore the local community. Many childminders say that this freedom is one of the best bits of their job alongside the ability to pick and choose their favourite activities to do with the children – whether that’s arts and crafts, baking or miniature theatre!

Set your own working hours

As a childminder you are free to set your own working days and hours. Some childminders decide to take Fridays off each week to spend with their own children, and it is also fairly common to open only during term time if you mainly care for school-age children. That said, although you have freedom to choose your working times, you will need to be sure that you match your availability to parents’ needs – for instance, there is little point in offering to care for children 10am-12pm each day when working families need all-day care. At Koru Kids, as standard we require parents to pay for 4 weeks paid holiday for our childminders, meaning you won’t need to compromise on this if you get paid holiday in your current job.

Childminders are free to set their own working hours

Financially rewarding

It is also a financially rewarding career. As a Koru Kids childminder, you can expect to earn up to £70,000 a year after our service fee, and with our well-known childcare brand we are confident we can help you keep your places filled for years to come – meaning you’ll have the opportunity to create a profitable long term business.

Helping children to grow

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, as a childminder you have the opportunity to introduce children to the world and help them grow into happy and confident young people. Many childminders talk about the strong emotional bonds they develop with the children they look after and the sense of pride and reward they feel as the children grow older. With the Koru Kids ethos of prioritising positive mental health and outdoor play, you can be confident you’ll be equipping children as well as possible for the future.

We think caring for children is the most important job in the world, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to get going. With Koru Kids you can launch your own Home Nursery childminding business in as little as 8 weeks, and we’ll cover the costs of your training and setup (worth over £3,000). We’ll also support you longer term – helping you fill your places and keep them filled, and taking care of (almost) all the admin needed to run your business. Everything we do is focussed on allowing you, and the children you care for, to thrive.