Be inspired by these beautiful childminder playroom ideas

Setting up childminding in your home is a great opportunity to makeover your space. But what look should you go for? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the millions of playroom makeovers on Pinterest or TikTok, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve created an edited list for you of top playroom trends as showcased by Koru Kids childminders.

But first, why is the look of your playroom important?

Photos of a beautiful setting are bound to catch the eyes of parents browsing online for a childminder. This can really help when you are first setting up your business. But styling your playroom space isn’t just for the pictures.

As adults, spaces we are in impact how we feel, and children are no different. The size and layout of a playroom, even down to the colours of the wall, can affect how children play. An uncluttered and thoughtfully designed childminder setting will help promote a positive learning environment.

Remember, your childminder playroom is also in your own home. At the end of the day, when you’ve waved your final goodbye to the small people you look after, you want to be able to relax in a calming space. You don’t need to repaint your front room in block, primary colours or turn the garden into a ball pit to make it child-friendly!

These childminder playroom trends show that you can easily create a space that brings both children and adults joy. 

Here are the top childminder playroom trends:

Colour pop

Picking an accent colour is a great way to tie your playroom together, like this Koru Kids childminder has done.

Keep the walls, floor and large furniture neutral and then pick a bright colour that will really pop – like this sunny yellow. 

Add accessories like cushions and wall decorations in your accent colour, and you’ve created a simple yet effective aesthetic. 

We love a gallery wall too – which you can continue to add to with the children’s art.


Choosing boho-chic decor will help your childminder playroom flow effortlessly with the rest of your home. When you pack away at the end of the day, you’ll be able to relax in a space the grown-ups enjoy too. 

Muted tones, natural fabrics and plenty of plants are key to this style. Think warm lighting and comfy cushions. Add in a cute tent for ultimate festival vibes!


Setting up your childminder playroom doesn’t mean you have to let go of your own interiors style. If you love a clean, modern aesthetic, you can still incorporate that into your makeover.

This Koru Kids childminder converted their contemporary extension into an amazing playroom. Children have easy access to the garden through the big folding doors.

Keeping the bright white walls and modern framed prints, they added black shelving for activities at a child-friendly height. Pops of rainbow colours come from the rug, books and toys.


Minimalist playroom = minimal mess! If you work with kids you know what a big plus that is. 

This childminder kept it really simple with white walls and shelving, a comfy play matt and mirrors on the wall.

You don’t need to buy loads of new furniture and toys when setting up your childminding space. Pick one or two statement toys – like this blue rocking horse – and banish the rest of the clutter. After all, we know toddlers always end up spending more time playing with the wrapping paper than the present inside…


This beautiful childminder playroom is filled both with natural light and natural design. 

If you have a conservatory, this can be a great space for your childminding playroom. Big windows let in all the light and give a glimpse of the garden beyond.

Toys like train sets, dolls houses and building blocks look great and are more durable when made from wood. Add to the natural look with sea-grass storage baskets and wicker shelving inserts. Setting up your playroom with an open layout like this will also encourage lots of Montessori learning.


Who says a playroom needs to be inside? If you have a garden or balcony you can turn it into an outdoor playroom. 

This Koru Kids childminder’s garden playroom has an outdoor kitchen and an art corner perfect for messy play. Plus the washing line can double up as a place to display the kids’ artwork. 

Low planters mean children can also get involved with growing and watering seeds. Astroturf allows for a comfy landing if anyone topples over but without the mud – a lifesaver for busy childminders!