How much does it cost to become a childminder?

Becoming a childminder couldn’t be easier with Koru Kids, and in this handy guide we break down all the costs to becoming a Koru Kids Early Educator (this is what we call childminders).

Pre-registration training

Koru Kids pays for all of the training you need to become a registered childminder.

  • This includes pre-registration training on the following topics: Safeguarding, Safe Sleep, Food Hygiene, Food Allergy Awareness, EYFS training, and Pre-Registration Visit Training.
  • Read more about our pre-registration training in our comprehensive guide on how to become a childminder.

First aid training

We pay for your paediatric first aid course through our partners Tigerlily.

  • This is a 12-hour course: 6 hours of in-person training, and 6 hours of online training which can be done in your own time.
  • You will receive a certificate on completion.

DBS checks

We pay for your enhanced DBS check, which costs around £50.

  • We also cover the upfront cost of any additional DBS checks that you need done (for anyone over 16 who lives with you), but we do take this cost off your first pay cheque (£5 per check).

We ask that you cover the cost of your DBS update service.

  • This is a low cost of £13 per year.


  • You will be covered by our Public Liability insurance with Michel Morton.

Health declaration

Your health declaration form is an early step in the process.

  • The cost varies anywhere from £0–£100 depending on your GP practice.
  • We will reimburse you for this cost (up to £100) after your background checks have been completed, so please keep a copy of the receipt.
  • We will guide you through the process of getting this carried out, and provide you with the form.

£50 refundable deposit

In order to unlock all of the costs above, we ask that you pay a small refundable deposit of £50.

  • We take a deposit as a sign of your commitment to work with Koru Kids. We invest a lot of money, time and love into making sure that you become an excellent childminder, so we need to know that you’re in this with us!
  • Your deposit is completely refundable, and will be paid back to you with your first earnings via Koru Kids.

Koru Kids fee

We take a fee of 10% of your earnings from parents.

Find out how much you could earn as a Koru Kids Early Educator

Early Educators based in central London typically earn around £37,000, but our childminders can actually earn up to £67,000. Yep, really.

Use our childminder earnings calculator to find out how much you could earn with Koru Kids.

Apply to become an Early Educator

You can apply today to become a childminder with Koru Kids. We’ll support you to get registered and earning in 8-12 weeks. Click here to learn more about becoming a childminder.