You have been thinking about becoming a childminder for a while. But you’re not quite sure about the whole registration process. There’s a lot to find out, it can get expensive, and the training takes time. Are you even cut out for being a childminder?

You’re not alone. It can be daunting, and the lack of support stops many people before they even begin. But Koru Kids have created a strong support network, from ‘hello’ to when the first child joins your home nursery. And beyond! We already have amazing childminders who have been through our free training and home set-up support.

Meet Sinthuya, a Koru Kids Early Educator, who has recently opened up a Home Nursery offering childcare for preschool kids in her local area of Brockley.

Meet Sinthuya, Koru Kids Early Educator

We asked Sinthuya some questions about her family, her background in childcare, and what her childminding business in Brockley will look like.

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Childminder in Brockley talking about becoming a childminder and working with kids

How would your friends describe you?

I think they’d say that I’m very honest, friendly and bubbly.

“Sinthuya is an extremely welcoming, warm and caring Early Educator. She puts great effort into ensuring her daily routine meets children’s individual needs and she plans lots of exciting and challenging activities for all children to enjoy. She is passionate about supporting children to be kind, caring and respectful, and she is a great role model for them.”

Laura Hoyland, Head of Quality Assessment at Koru Kids

Tell us about your background and previous childcare experience

I have always aimed to work with children. I’ve studied for a Level 3 Diploma in Children & Young People’s Workforce, and I have a Level 4 Advance Teaching in Early Years. I also studied Psychology at university.

I’ve worked in lots of nurseries, and in primary schools. And I’ve got three kids of my own too!

Will your baby be with you when you work?

Yes. My daughter is 8 months old and just starting to crawl, holding on to things and exploring. I’m excited: it’s the first time I’m going to have my daughter with other children, so it’s going to be amazing. 

Childminder cuddling a child on her lap while working with kids
Sinthuya will be able to look after her daughter while she’s working

So the social aspect is important to you?

Absolutely. When she wakes up and sees her big sisters, she’s just a happy baby. When they’re at school, it’s so wonderful for her to have other children that come and play with her. She’ll love it.

Tell us about the rest of your family

My five year old is very energetic. She loves to role play and she loves children, so she’s excited for me to start childminding. I’ve been talking to the kids about it because the sleep space is in their room. They’re so excited, they helped me set up the home nursery. They even made a little box to use as a treasure basket for the new children!

My eldest, who’s eight, is very relaxed. She’s always playing with her sisters and friends, and she loves to go outside. She asked if she could come to the Forest School training I did! She also wants to do Cosmic yoga with the new children.

We’re an outdoorsy family. We love to go for walks and to the park. My husband is my best friend, and he’s great with kids. While I was a supply teacher he was with our girls. He’s been really supportive through my childminder training, and helped me a lot. 

Brockley in London @sarahyougruns

What’s your home and local area like?

We recently moved to a bigger house, which is perfect for childminding. My home environment is very cosy and calm. The neighbourhood is quite peaceful—there are lots of families around here.

When I take the girls out we go places like Hilly Fields on the weekend. There’s Blythe park, Telegraph Hill… And we recently found Luxmore Gardens, a small park with a jungle gym.

What will a day look like in your home nursery?

When the children come in, I’ll give them a half hour to choose a favourite thing to play with. We’ll sit on the carpet and read something together in the mornings. They will leave from the same place when they go home, so they get a great routine

I’ll take them out during the morning, and then bring them back to wash hands for lunch. After they have had their lunch and then had their nap, I’ll do some creative work with them in the afternoon; maybe messy play and painting.

Sinthuya's home nursery: play zones and livingroom of a childminder in Brockley, bright room with colourful toys for open-ended play
Sinthuya’s home nursery is a welcoming space for little learners

What are you looking forward to about being a childminder?

I have always loved working in nurseries, so becoming a childminder is a great challenge for me–something new and different. I like being able to do things for myself, and now I get to be the one to create things. Like for World Book Day or similar events and occasions, it’s me coming up with the ideas, so I’m excited! I love activities like messy play, painting, and creative stuff. My little baby will absolutely love being a part of that. 

Thanks for answering all our questions, Sinthuya. We look forward to hearing more about your childminding adventures in 2022!

If you live in London or surrounding areas, and you love working with children, maybe Sinthuya’s story has inspired you? We would love to hear from you, and help you find out if childminding is the right choice for you.

Or, if you’re a parent looking for a childminder in Brockley and you’d love to send your child to Sinthuya’s home nursery, click here to find out more.

Want to become a childminder like Sinthuya?