Full-time nanny or childminder: which is right for my child?

Choosing your little one’s childcare can be daunting. We’ve taken a closer look at full time nannies and childminders, to help you choose between them.

What is the right full-time childcare for my child?

One of the hardest decisions as a parent of a young child is figuring out what kind of childcare is right for your child – a full-time nanny, or a childminder? Both options have their benefits – we’ve explored them below, to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

If you want to learn more about your different childcare options, read our short guide to childcare here.

Full-time nanny: One-to-one, personalised childcare

A private nanny can be a great option if you’re anxious about your little one being away from home. Typically, private nannies will come to your home, and look after your child(ren) there, in a setting that they are familiar and comfortable with.

Typically, a nanny:

  • Provides one-to-one, personalised care for your child
  • Cares for the child in your family home
  • Doesn’t have to be OFSTED registered. However, your nanny will need to be OFSTED-registered if you want to use Tax Free Childcare, or similar government schemes.
  • Is an employee of the family they work for. This means they are entitled to receive holiday pay and other benefits that come with employment.
  • Will need a DBS check before they can start working.
  • Has no statutory limits on the number of children they can look after.

Childminder: A home away from home

Childminders – or as we like to call them, Early Educators – typically provide childcare in their own homes, often for several children from multiple families at the same time. This can be a great option for more outgoing children, and helps them to build confidence and social skills in a relaxed environment.

Early Educators typically:

  • Provide group care for a small number of children. This has been proven to help aid development of social skills.
  • Care for the children in their own home, providing a safe ‘home away from home’ environment.
  • Have to be OFSTED registered (or equivalent). This means they can accept a range of government funding, including Tax Free Childcare and Childcare Vouchers.
  • Are self-employed, and as such manages their own holiday/benefits, removing the headache of becoming an employer.
  • Need a DBS check before they can start work.
  • Needs formal qualifications before they can start providing care.

Koru Kids’ Home Nurseries are a perfect blend of childminder, nursery and forest school, providing a stimulating and exciting environment for your child. Home Nursery places start at just £6.50 an hour, which makes a Home Nursery an affordable way to access high quality childcare.

Our Early Educators receive in-depth training and assessment before they open, and are fully insured to provide care for your little one. While our Early Educators are self-employed, we help them to manage their business, assisting with contracts, finances, OFSTED registration, and anything else they might need. This means your Early Educator is free to focus on what matters most: providing the best childcare for your child.

So how do I choose?

The type of childcare you choose will depend on your little one. Some children thrive in the group setting of a Home Nursery, while others may prefer receiving the dedication, one-to-one care provided by a full-time nanny. Other factors will of course play a part – what’s available in your area, your personal finances, and personal preference. 

Whatever childcare option you pick for your little one, by choosing childcare through Koru Kids you know your child will be in good hands. We rigorously check all our childcare providers, and our teams are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have.