Tasha, a Koru Kids childminder in Epsom, really has what it takes to help children flourish. If you’re looking for someone to care for your kids, you want someone that really loves what they do. That passion makes all the difference. And Tasha has all of that and more!

Looking for a childminder in Epsom?

“I just fell in love with it”

“From the first day I worked in a nursery, I just fell in love with it. I enjoyed every day. I couldn’t wait to see the children. During COVID, they shut the nursery down. But I wanted to keep working with children, so childminding is perfect.”

The child is at the centre of everything we do at Koru Kids. Many of us are parents ourselves, and can absolutely understand why someone wants to dedicate their life to raising amazing little people. It’s important to us when we look for qualities in applicants. That’s why all our Early Educators are passionate about working with kids–including Tasha. For her, becoming a childminder in Epsom is her dream job.

Tasha, a childminder in Epsom, talks about why she loves working with children. The image shows to small children in an affectionate cuddle.
“Kids are so funny, and so smart”

“What I love about kids is how funny they are, and how honest. They’re just pure little people. Working with children just made me realise… I don’t really like working with adults! [laughs] They are so funny, and so smart. Every child has something amazing about them. And it’s so fun to watch them progress.”

A safe home and welcoming family

Although Tasha is really excited to begin this new venture, her own kids might just love it even more.

“My son will be 9 in January, and my daughter just turned 6. They love children. My son keeps asking me if he can have little siblings! When my daughter was a baby he was so good at looking after her. So me getting to work with children in our home is perfect for all of us! My boyfriend is also really excited and supportive–he’s happy that I’m finally happy in my work.”

As a childminder in Epsom, or anywhere in the UK, it's important to have access to green spaces. The image shows a pond in Rosebery Park, a lovely area to bring children and experience nature together.
Rosebery Park is just one of many green spaces close to Tasha’s home nursery in Epsom. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Becoming a Koru Kids childminder in Epsom means Tasha will be running her business from their family home. And the area is just right for kids.

“We live down a private road, right at the end of it, in a ground-floor maisonette. Out the front we have a massive wooded area. When I went to Wimbledon to do the outdoor training, it was very similar, with logs and things to play on. Then we have Rosebery Park, and a playground. We’re not far from Epsom Common, Ashtead Park… there’s quite a lot!”

Her quiet house will be a calm base where children can recharge after long mornings spent outside exploring.

A fun-filled day in Tasha’s home nursery

When we help our Early Educators set up their homes, we also provide them with tips and training on planning their days and activities. Like lots of the childminders who’ve been through our registration process, Tasha really loved the outdoor training day. She left feeling really inspired, and immediately applied her newfound knowledge to her setting.

“Since the outdoor training day, after dinner, I go out with my children in to the wooded area. It’s more fun now, because I can do such different things with them. And children are so creative; they teach me more than I teach them! I also love getting the paints out. Colourful building blocks and Duplo are the best toys. And all the Julia Donaldson books are huge hits in my house.”

julia donaldson books
“A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood…” Julia Donaldson

Calm and positive

When childminders approach settling in and new children, they have to think about the whole child. Not just healthy, yummy food, and space to roam. That’s why we always ask our childminders how they plan to talk to children about emotions. Tasha is taking a tailored approach. She knows children are individuals, just like adults. So she listens with an open mind.

“All children are different. You really have to get to know them, to see what works for them. I think it helps that I’m a very calm person. I’m really organised… and positive, and it rubs off on my children. No matter what’s going on, I’m always smiling. My friends say I’m open-minded and open-hearted. You can just come to me with anything and I won’t judge, ever.”

Children need to feel safe and heard to flourish

If you think Tasha’s home nursery sounds lovely, and you are looking for a childminder in Epsom, you can read more and enquire here.

If you also love working with children, we are looking for other amazing childminders in the UK. You can read more and apply to become a Koru Kids Early Educator here.

Looking for a childminder in Epsom?