We have lots of families in our network who have a full time nanny — but who are happy to do a part time nanny share.   

Why would a family with a full time nanny want to share only part time?

Mostly, it’s because these families really want their child to interact with other children — for the development benefits —  rather than being focussed on the nanny all of the time. As one mum said to us recently, ‘Nanny share is almost like giving our toddler a brother or sister’. The cost saving is a nice bonus but isn’t the point.

For these families, a mixture of solo nanny time and nanny share time can work really well. The nanny looks after the baby or toddler full time, but another child joins them only on some days (or mornings, or whatever). The kids get lots of playing time on nanny share days, and get individual focus on the solo days. On solo days, the nanny can take one child to activities best suited to a 1:1 adult-child ratio, like swimming lessons.

A mixture of sole and share can also work well for the nanny, who can plan activities which work better with two children as well as those that work better with one. The week becomes more varied and interesting, too.

For the ‘other’ family joining in, doing a part time share with a full time family is brilliant as it offers them maximum flexibility.

It’s usually easy to find great match options for full time families looking to share their nanny part time, as we always have lots of part time families looking to join in. If you think this might be you, get in touch.