Part-time nannies for wraparound care

Finding care for those tricky hours after school or nursery but before work finishes can be a headache. Families are discovering that a part-time nanny is exactly what their family needs. Children get a chance to unwind at home, invaluable one-on-one attention and a special bond with another loving caregiver.

With Koru Kids, all candidates are flexible, fully vetted and fun! Discover local, part-time nannies who can work from as little as 3 hours a week.

Full-day, experienced nannies for little ones

Are you looking for a nanny who has been there and done that for your new bundle of joy? We have recently expanded our nanny service to include even more experienced childcarers. All our early years nannies have heaps of professional experience with under 4s and a passion for a career in childcare. Discover experienced, vetted nannies from as little as 1 full-day per week.

The family finder for creating your nanny share

Most of the families who join the Koru Kids nanny share network are doing so in order to save on nanny cost. And it’s true that sharing can save families many thousands of pounds.

However, some families come to us for a different reason. For them, it’s not about saving money on a nanny (that’s just an added bonus). They’ve run into a particular kind of challenge, and it’s one only nanny share will solve.

I was speaking to one of these mums last week, Lauren.

After a year off on maternity leave, Lauren was preparing to go back to work. She wanted to work either 2 or 3 days, and was still finalising the details with her boss. In parallel, she needed to find a great nanny to look after her 10 month old son, Isaac.

The thing is, she really meant it about a ‘great’ nanny. Lauren had spent much of her maternity leave learning about child development. A scientist professionally, she’d educated herself about the importance of the early years, and put what she’d learned into practice with Isaac. She wanted a nanny who would continue the gentle, respectful practices her son was used to, and would understand why it was important to be responsive and engaged with him. The nanny had to be highly experienced and well qualified, with some knowledge of child development and enthusiasm to learn more.

The problem was, she couldn’t find a nanny that good that wanted to do a three-day job. And even worse, she couldn’t in good conscience promise any prospective nanny that the job would be three days. It might only be two.

Through local mummy friends and groups Lauren had met some fantastic nannies, but they all wanted (and needed, financially speaking) to work full time. When she asked them for advice on what would make the job more attractive they told her quite frankly that they wouldn’t ever take a part time job, unless she was paying literally double the market rate. They wouldn’t have to. Every time they left a family they were snapped up very quickly, as their reputations are so good. Their current families would promote them to others, or they’d get chatting to mums who had seen them out and about. They were also well known by the top agencies, who enthusiastically sent them to families. These nannies might possibly live with a four-day week if the hours were long – that would mean a nice long weekend – but two days was a non-starter.

Lauren tried a charm offensive with one or two nannies but it didn’t work. Even if the nanny loved her son and family, it was just too difficult to find another family who wanted the exact other days, especially since Lauren’s days weren’t set yet.

So she was stuck. She didn’t want to compromise her standards, and she definitely didn’t want to consider nursery. She also really wanted to go back to work. But not full time!

So Lauren called us.

If we can find Lauren a nanny share match, it’ll be the perfect solution. She’ll be able to access a really great nanny that’s already working full time. Lauren can share on a part time basis, and it doesn’t even matter which days. Many of our families with full time nannies love the idea of having some sole care and some shared care, so there’s likely to be a family match for her. For this nanny Lauren might pay slightly more than the normal nanny share rate (around £11/hour in total cost) but what she’ll be getting is a nanny who can command a normal cost of £18 or even more per hour.

We’re now on the case.

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