Every year, Koru Kids calls 100 nurseries across London to find out their fees. Since we specialise in arranging nanny shares, we’re keen to understand how the cost of nanny share compares to nurseries.

We found that in general, nurseries are cheaper the further East or West you go, and most expensive in South-West London.

Nanny share works out as slightly more expensive than nursery in the cheaper parts of town, but roughly the same in the more expensive areas.

You can click on each marker to see the cost.

For this survey, we phoned 100 nurseries and asked for their current fees for full time care for a 1 year old. ‘Full time’ generally means something like 8am to 6pm, although some nurseries open a bit earlier and shut a bit later.

If you’re considering childcare options for your baby or toddler, nanny share is a perfect mix of nursery and nanny. It’s a lot more flexible than nursery, but with all the benefits of having your own nanny. Plus, your child gets a playmate who they can grow with and learn from every day.

If you’re interested in learning more about nanny share as an alternative to nursery, find out more about how it works.

We’ve built a free tool which connects families who are looking for local nanny shares. Try out our family finder today.

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