Meet Hetal, our newest childminder in Northwood. Having worked in primary schools in the past, she’s starting the newest chapter of her childcare career with real excitement and years of experience under her belt. We caught up with Hetal to find out a little more about her aspirations for her home nursery in Northwood.

Hetal, a Koru Kids childminder in Northwood, in her home nursery
Hetal, a Koru Kids Early Educator, at her home nursery in Northwood.

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A mini Forest School

There’s a real emphasis on outdoor play at Hetal’s home nursery. Getting outdoors as a childminder in Northwood is easy with so many wonderful nearby parks and green spaces to explore. Hetal also often sets up sensory play stations in her spacious garden to let little ones’ creativity run wild.

“The outdoors provides endless opportunities to learn, and I take every opportunity to learn in nature. Some of our favourite activities include building secret dens and minibeast hunting at nearby South Oxhey Woods. We often visit the adventure playground at nearby Eastbury park: to crawl through the play tunnel and fly high on the swings. I also have a garden—complete with a climbing frame, a sensory tray and lots of shrubs and plants to explore. I consider it to be a miniature forest school!”

Hetal's (a childminder in Northwood) garden.
Little ones won’t be bored in Hetal’s spacious garden.

A passion for childcare

Hetal didn’t just stumble into childminding. She’s had years of childcare experience in primary schools, and she’s studied for a childcare qualification.

“I’ve worked in a primary school for over 5 years, both as a teaching assistant and with the Early Years Foundation Stage, so I have a thorough understanding of how to create an early years setting for your little one to thrive. I also have a CACHE Level 3 Childcare qualification, which I worked towards whilst working as a teaching assistant.”

The reading corner in Hetal's home nursery. She recently joined Koru Kids as a childminder in Northwood.
Hetal’s cosy reading corner: complete with lots of lovely books and cuddly toys for a peaceful storytime.

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The perfect snooze spot

Hetal recognises how important nap-time is for little ones (no-one likes an overtired toddler meltdown!), so she has a dedicated nap-room in her home nursery.

“We always have our main sleep of the day back at home after our morning’s adventure, so that the children can get a full nap in a quiet and cosy environment. I have a dedicated nap-room, which has space for cots for little ones and mattresses for the older kids. To help restless children fall asleep, I’ll often play soothing music, or read them a story. Their cuddly toys or comforter are very welcome!”

Childrens’ cuddly toys and comforters are very welcome for nap-time!

Childminding in Northwood: themed activity days

Hetal plans activities specifically around the development milestones of the early years age group. She closely follows the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS)—the same structure traditional nurseries follow.

“Each day we have a theme for our planned activities. This ranges from pottery day, gardening day to music day, to keep the afternoons exciting and stimulating for the children. Sensory activities also play a big part of my home nursery. Introducing children to messy and sensory play (such as making textured collages or mud play) is key to improving their fine motor skills. We enjoy visiting the local library to replenish our reading corner, and taking a trip to Ruislip Lido to ride the miniature railway!”

Hetal, a childminder in Northwood, places a real emphasis on sensory activities.
Sensory and messy play are popular activities at Hetal’s home nursery.

Supercharging little bodies

Hetal has lots of tricks up her sleeve to pack veg into the meals she serves at her home nursery in Northwood.

“Some of our favourite meals include veggie burgers with a kiddie salad, veg curries, and homemade carrot and coriander soup served with breadsticks. To encourage kids to eat the rainbow, I often make colourful veg platters served with a yummy dip.”

Hetal, a childminder in Northwood, has a dedicated dining area for mealtimes.
Hetal’s menu rotates every 4 weeks, so mealtimes are always fresh and exciting for the children.

A bright future for a Koru Kids Early Educator

We’re really excited for Hetal—our newest childminder in Northwood who will inspire the next generation of kind, confident and creative kids.

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