What are your childcare options this summer?

It’s been slowly creeping up on us. And we can’t ignore it any longer. The summer holidays are here and that means just one thing. No, not sandcastles and ice cream. Not lazy days enjoying the sunshine. But endless weeks out of school and the burning question of “What shall we do with the kids?!”

It’s a daunting puzzle that parents, especially working parents, have been trying to solve for decades. But luckily there are lots of options for keeping your little ones out of trouble once the bell rings on the school year.

So, get your diary at the ready as we explore the best summer childcare options around.

Friends and Family

Your kids know them. They love them. So, who better to take care of them during the holidays? If you’re lucky enough to have friends or family living close by this can be a great option for a week or two. The kids can relax and spend quality time with people they feel comfortable around. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than formal childcare! Unfortunately, this traditional idea doesn’t always work out in real life. For a start, many of us no longer live down the road from our family and it doesn’t always work out around their plans and commitments.

Summer Holiday Camps

Holiday camps can create wonderful childhood memories. Offering a chance for your child to interact with a wide range of people, perhaps visit somewhere new or learn a new skill. Older children, in particular, can benefit from this immersive experience. There’s a huge range of summer camps available, and whatever your child’s interests there’s probably a camp to suit them. Some of our favourites include FunTech Camps who offer a range of Tech camps including Game Design and Lego Robotics; Little Forest Folk who offer a forest school summer camp and Richer education who offer science camps at Imperial College London. Unfortunately many summer camps only offer school hours, so you still need to arrange wrap around care. The best ones book up quickly so you’ll need to be quick off the mark!

Student Nannies

Finding a flexible nanny for the summer holidays can be a great way to hold the rest of your summer plans together – the final piece of the jigsaw! They can provide flexible, personalised childcare and some quality time at home. Whether it’s a trip to the science museum or just playing games in the garden, they can help your kids get some down time and have a summer they’ll remember. Koru Kids can put you in touch with an enthusiastic student who can slot in with the plans you already have for your little ones. This might be for the weeks you couldn't get a place at a camp, wrap around care for summer camps or for just a few hours here and there.  It’s not too late to sign up! Click here to find out more.

Taking Time Off Work

Ok, so your boss probably isn’t going to best pleased with you stepping out of the office for six weeks to look after the little ones, but it’s a good idea to save at least some of your holiday days for the summer. Not only does it give you a valuable chunk of quality family time, it also offers the opportunity to take a short holiday or simply fit in some fun day trips. You could also consider taking unpaid leave (did you know that all parents are entitled to 18 weeks leave for each child?)

We hope this helps you choose the holiday childcare option or blend of options that work best for you and your family.

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