1. Have the basic facts to hand. 

These should include:

  • When you'll need them to start (and if there is any set end date)
  • Days and times needed, and any drop-offs and pickups
  • Is any driving involved? (Pro tip – make sure the car will fit car seats!)

2. Talk through their experience

Ask them questions about their experience, including:

  • How long have they been working in childcare for?
  • What was their favourite childcare role, and why?
  • What is their favourite age of child to work with, and why?
  • What is their favourite activity to do with children?

3. Talk about your parenting style

The important things to mention here are:

  • What kind of environment would you like the nanny to create for your child
  • Whether you believe in any form of discipline, and if so how it is enforced
  • Ask the nanny what their childcare philosophy is
  • Talk about your child's developmental stage

4. Mention arrangements for holidays

  • Be aware that nannies usually get 20 days annual leave, plus 8 public holidays
  • We recommend that you split these days, so that the nanny chooses 10 of these days and you choose the other 10
  • Of course you can vary the above, it’s just a suggestion
  • Let the nanny know about any holiday that you have already booked

Good luck – we hope it goes well!