We understand families are keen to secure childcare for the new school term as soon as possible. However, as most of our nannies are students some of them don’t have their timetables and therefore won't know their availability for this term yet.

If you really like a nanny we’ve sent you but their timetable isn’t yet confirmed, it’s still a really good idea to meet them now so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to hire them. You can then “reserve” them, pending their timetable being released.

How do I reserve a nanny?

If you like the nanny we’ve sent you but they don’t have their availability confirmed for this term, we still encourage you to go ahead and meet them. If you decide you would like to work together next term, you can “reserve” the nanny pending their timetable being released.

All families who hire a nanny more than two weeks in advance pay a £200 deposit to Koru Kids, which is deducted from their first invoice. We then stop introducing that nanny to other families. This also gives the nanny confidence that their job is secured for the new term.

If your nanny finds out they can no longer work the days and times you need when their timetable is released, you’ll become a “VIP Family”. This means we’ll send you any available nannies first and we won’t introduce them to other families at the same time to maximise your chances of finding you a new nanny. In the really unlikely event that we don’t find you a replacement nanny in time, we’ll of course return your deposit.

We want to reassure you that 90% of the time this works out for families… although of course we wish this was 100%.

If you decide you no longer wish to hire the nanny for a reason other than the change in their availability, then we pass the £200 on to the nanny to compensate them while we find them another family to work for.

When will my nanny know their timetable?

As our nannies are studying a range of courses at different London universities, it’s difficult for us to say exactly when your nanny’s availability will be confirmed. We recommend discussing this with the nanny at the interview stage.

Last year, we found that the majority of our nannies knew their availability for January by the end of December. Almost all our nannies' timetables were confirmed within the first few weeks of January.

Can I just wait until my nanny’s timetable is confirmed?

You definitely can. However, they may be meeting with other families so we cannot guarantee that they will still be available next term. Our nannies are in high demand for the new school term, so if you meet a nanny you like we strongly encourage you to reserve them to avoid missing out.

If you have any more questions about finding a nanny for this term, feel free to drop us an email at care@korukids.co.uk or give us a call on 0208 050 5678.