Average nanny pay in London

The average (median) nanny wage for a live-out nanny in London is £10 net per hour. 63% of nannies earn £10 or £11 net per hour. 80% of nannies earn between £10-12 net per hour.

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Nanny pay in London for a nanny share

On average (median) nannies get paid £13 vs. £10 for sole care. This doesn't mean nannies get paid £3 more for doing a nanny share than for sole care, just that wages are higher for nannies in shares. This is the biggest factor which impacts pay across all variables including experience and qualifications.

nanny share wage

Nanny pay in London when hired via an agency

When hired through an agency nannies in London typically get paid £1 more than nannies not hired via an agency.

Agency Pay

Here's what else we found:

  • Ofsted registration does not make a significant impact on net pay per hour
  • Only 12% of nannies spoke a language other than English to the children, and on average did not get paid more than nannies speaking only English
  • Nannies with more than 5 years experience, on average earn £1 more an hour than those with less experience.
  • Years of study did not make a difference to pay per hour

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