Move over Mary Poppins—meet our newest after school nanny recruits

At Koru Kids we specialise in helping families find an amazing after school nanny. Yes, we know the word ‘nanny’ can make some people feel a bit, ‘what?!’ But forget Mary Poppins. How about Charlotte, a philosophy student who can’t wait to teach the kids to make veggie sushi? Or Andy, who plays so many instruments he could form a one man band? 

All our nannies are available part-time, which means their passion for childcare usually sits alongside other studies, careers or hobbies. We love to hear about the diverse and varied lives our nannies lead and wanted to showcase some new favourites.

Meet Charlotte in Birmingham

This is Charlotte, an avid hockey player who is studying Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. She has been vegetarian for five years and loves to get creative in the kitchen—her speciality being homemade veggie sushi. Charlotte wanted to become an after school nanny because “seeing the world through a child’s eyes, even for a few hours each day, is such an uplifting thing to experience.”

Meet Yasmin in Bristol

Meet Yasmin, a proud Northerner (originally from Bolton) who is currently studying History at the University of Bristol. She became a Koru Kids nanny after working at a children’s art studio where she helped kids freely express themselves through arts workshops. In her spare time, she loves visiting the many art galleries and museums Bristol has to offer and writing articles about art and politics for ‘Her Campus’ magazine. Yasmin also has previously worked as a volunteer teaching assistant at a school.

Meet Isabel in Brighton

This is Isabel, a masters student living in Brighton studying Gender, Violence and Conflict at the University of Sussex. Originally from Washington D.C, Isabel is Finnish and American and has previously lived in France where she taught English for a year. She’s excited to be a part-time nanny as she ‘loves supporting kids as they develop their self-confidence and pursue their interests.’ Isabel has experience working as a Summer Camp leader where she taught activities such as ballet, art and gymnastics. Her hobbies are also super varied; she enjoys sea swimming, cooking new recipes, learning languages and engaging with intersectional feminist literature!

Meet Andy in Surrey

Andy’s biggest passion is music, and he has been studying it at the Brit School for the past four years. He is a Koru Kids nanny in Surrey and aside from playing the bass, drums and guitar, he loves baking and experimenting with homemade bread recipes. He is also studying professional cookery at college and loves to bring sweet treats home for his friends and family. Andy became a Koru Kids nanny because he loves working with children and it fits around his busy schedule.