We're really happy you're going to meet up and discuss working together. Here's some more information that we think is helpful to make your first meeting a success!

How do we get the ball rolling? 

We encourage the parents to take the lead and give the nanny a call to arrange a time to meet. 

If you both don't hear from each other within a day or two, let us know and we can help.  And don't be shy!  

When should we meet? 

Many of our successful after school arrangements move quickly and meet up within 7 days of an introduction, then come to a decision shortly after. 

In order to maximise the chance of families finding the perfect student, and students finding the perfect family, we are constantly setting up introductions. So it is definitely the case that the early bird catches the worm!

If you need any help arranging a suitable time to meet then let us know and we'd be happy to help out. 

Where should we meet?

It's always best to try and meet in person in the first instance, but if you're struggling to find a good time for this we would encourage an initial Skype/FaceTime conversation to get the ball rolling.

Most families like to meet at their own home as it's more convenient after work. Just make sure that communication is always crystal clear, especially concerning the location and time of the meeting, so that everyone is on the same page.

Who should be at the meeting?

We would encourage families to involve their children and both parents in the meeting, so the whole family can get to know the nanny.

Even if one parent has to join via Skype, this can work out much better than having multiple meetings.  In the past, we've had nannies snapped up by other families before any second meetings can take place.  We don't want that to happen with you!

What questions should be covered?

It's SO important to manage expectations on both sides from an early stage.  We want all of our after school arrangements to succeed!  So here are the key points that should be confirmed at the first meeting:

Get to know each other:

  • Have a read of their CV again and ask some questions about their experience and interests. This helps to get the conversation going and make the nanny feel more comfortable. 
  • It's good to talk about homework. Especially if there is a routine you want them to follow or specific areas they should focus on with the kids
  • Our nannies always have lots of ideas for fun activities. Why not ask them their ideas and see which ones the kids would enjoy most
  • It's useful to run though the routine and schedule again including any activities the kids attend
  • Our nannies are all available in term time — if you need help in the holidays it's good to have a chat about this. Don't worry if they aren't available – let us know and we'll try to find another nanny who can cover them for you
  • Let the nanny know if you'd like them to help with babysitting or any ad hoc activities outside of their regular hours e.g. helping at school events or batch cooking. Don't worry we'll take care of all the admin for this and your nanny will report these hours at the end of each month as normal
  • Discuss any potential for change in the nanny's university timetable
  • Discuss your expectations of the role — would you sometimes expect them to stay a bit longer if needed? Are they happy to do some washing, tidying…?
  • How you do things e.g. foods/treats, screen time, discipline, routine

We want to work together!  What's next?

That's great!  Let us know as soon as possible so that we can secure both sides and get all of the next steps sorted out.

Also, let each other know!

Can we do a trial?

Yes, you can definitely have a trial. Some families like to follow up their first meeting or interview with a ‘play date’ where the nanny spends time with the children for an hour or so, to see how they all get on before deciding whether to proceed.  This is totally fine.

One important note: In general, it’s expected that trials will be paid for if they are more than about two hours long, or if the trial involves the nanny looking after the children by themselves. This payment has to be processed through Koru Kids, not cash in hand.


Finally – best of luck with your introduction!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0208 050 5678, or email care@korukids.co.uk.