How we’ve made London after school nannies more affordable

After school nanny shares can be brilliant for kids, parents and nannies alike. Kids get to play with a friend. Parents save money by sharing the cost of the nanny. And nannies get paid more per hour. It’s a true win-win-win for everyone.

Introducing after school nanny share

A nanny share is where two families employ the same nanny to help with their childcare. The nanny generally looks after both families’ children at the same time, but can also include hours with just one family’s children.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • For hours where the nanny looks after both families’ children (shared care hours), the cost for each family is £9 per hour.
  • For any hours where the nanny looks after only one family’s children (sole care hours), prices start at £13.50 per hour.

Nanny share is an easy and more affordable way for families to reap the benefits of having a nanny. Read all about those benefits here.

You can learn all about after school nanny share here.

How to start a nanny share

We love chatting with parents, so if you’d like to find out more after school nanny share or any of our services, you can chat with us on 020 8050 5678 or email us at

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