So you’re looking for after school care for your little ones, and we really hope we’re able to help. But there is one thing that makes us sad here at Koru Kids HQ – we can’t provide one of our amazing nannies for every family that comes to us (although we’re trying our best!)

Our nannies are university students, studying in London for a wide range of degrees. They make great after school nannies as they’re looking for part-time roles, as opposed to many professional nannies who want to work full time hours. They’re young, enthusiastic, bright individuals who are more than qualified to help with homework and love having fun with kids. This is why making the decision to recruit students and train them to be the best after school nannies in London was a no-brainer for us!

We speak with families every day who are looking for different things from their after school care. We wanted to be upfront and honest, and let you know what makes some families more difficult to match than others.

If your situation changes, please let us know right away. (Having up to date information is vital for us – it’s how we find the best matches for you!). Drop us a line at

If you need 5 days of care a week…

Unfortunately, those who can work Monday – Friday are a rare find amongst Koru Kids nannies, whose university timetables usually only allow them to work 3-4 days. If you’re able to decrease your number of days it is much more likely that we’ll be able to find you one of our great nannies.

If you’re not able to be flexible with the days you need…

Our nannies have set university timetables which means that their availability is not very flexible. We know for some families it's just not possible to be flexible, but if there is anyway you can be this will make it easier for us to find you a nanny – so please let us know if that is the case and we’ll be able to send over more nanny profiles!

To update your options, email us at

If you need a driver (with or without their own car)…

As our nannies are university students, very few of them can drive and even fewer have their own cars in London. They are all happy to use public transport though!

If you have kids younger than 3…

As we’re an after school service, we recruit and train nannies on the basis that they’ll be looking after 3 year olds and above. We appreciate it takes a different skill set to look after younger kids, which not all of our nannies have. However, we do have some more experienced nannies who are great with younger kids – they just tend to get snapped up quickly!

If you need morning care…

Most of our nannies aren’t crazy about doing morning drop offs – they usually clash with morning lectures and can often be very short shifts. Therefore, if you need morning care we would immediately narrow down your search to very local nannies. It’s not impossible – we do have nannies who are currently doing morning drop offs – but it will unfortunately make you harder to match.

If you need a specific language…

We have many international nannies who can speak a wide variety of languages – it’s one of the great advantages of working with London students! However, it goes without saying that if you need a specific language this will shrink the pool of available nannies, and make it more difficult to find one who fits your other requirements.

We’re doing all we can to make sure we can match as many families with Koru Kids nannies. If you fall under any of the above categories we will still be in touch if we have a nanny who fits the bill, but we wanted you to know that the process may be slightly longer.

If you ever want to speak with one of the matchers to find out your best chance of finding a Koru Kids nanny, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call on 02080505678.

Have your requirements changed? Give us the latest at