Why students who play sports make brilliant after school nannies

It's not the most obvious association: sports and nannies. There probably aren't many parents who list 'sweaty' among the qualities they're looking for in a nanny. But in fact, in our experience students who play sport make AMAZING after school nannies for local families.

Here's why. 

1. One word: energy

When we ask parents what they love most about their after school nanny, one word comes up repeatedly: ENERGY. We hate to generalise about age but.... as you get older, you have less of it. Working parents are frequently exhausted, so they love having someone around to muck about with the kids - in the park, playground or at home - who can keep up. Obviously, sportspeople have energy and stamina in spades.

2. Dedication and commitment

People who take their sport seriously understand what it is to commit to something. They're reliable, and they follow through on what they say they'll do. That's crucial in becoming an after school nanny. You say you'll be at the school gate at 3.30pm: you're at the school gate at 3.30pm. No excuses.

3. Timetables

After school nannies work from about 3.30pm to about 6.30pm, usually three or more days per week. Most importantly this keeps your weekends free for matches (whereas most student part-time jobs require you to work weekends). It also gives time for any morning sports practice and potentially afternoon ones, plus all evenings for relaxing or studying. Depending on your sport and its demands, this could work nicely.

4. A mental break

It's not study, and it's not practice. It's fun! If you're part of a sports club at uni you end up spending a LOT of time with your fellow students and people your age. Give yourself a break and spend some time with kids. We guarantee hanging out with them will put everything else in perspective.

5. Sports coaching

A lot of sporty people have also been involved in coaching sport to younger people at some stage of their life. This is great experience and makes you an excellent candidate for after school nanny. Plus, parents love their kids to be active. Take them outside and kick a ball around  -- wait, you're getting paid to play the sport you love?! Um, brilliant.

6. Leadership

Everyone knows that people who are members of sports teams generally have great leadership and teamwork skills, right?  Channel all the motivational and team-building skills you've learnt from those wet, cold and miserable away matches when all everyone wants is to get back to the pub for a beer, to be a fantastic role model for kids. The kids and the parents will love you for it.

7. Social skills

Sports clubs are the most sociable clubs at uni. FACT. So if you're in a sports club you've generally got the chat and can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. This is a fantastic skill to have when working with children. Parents are looking for bubbly, confident, chatty individuals who their kids are going to enjoy being around, and who will help them to come out of their shells.

That's 7 reasons sportspeople make amazing after school nannies, and we barely broke a sweat.

If you're interested in becoming an after school nanny in London, register with Koru Kids. We give you training and support, and match you up with a family local to you. It's fun, rewarding, and it pays well. Goal!