Why drama students make great after school nannies

"I'll never forget coming home after work and hearing loud screams in my house," Brian, a dad of two kids, said the other day. "I freaked out as I put the key in the door. It took me a few seconds to realise what it was: our after school nanny was putting on a show for the kids. She was in 'Wicked', and she happened to be doing a bit that involved some yelling. They absolutely loved it. And we loved her. She was the best nanny we ever had."

Drama students (and aspiring performers in general) and kids can be a match made in heaven. Here's why they make AMAZING after school nannies.

1. They're fun
Has there ever been a child who didn't love creative play? Drama students are fun in exactly the kind of way that kids love. They're not embarrassed to be bunnies or giraffes, to sing songs with the kids or to make up dance routines. In fact they love it. And the kids love it too. 

2. The perfect audience: enthusiastic but honest
For people who love to perform, an child audience is a gift. They're enthusiastic, but they're also brutally honest. They won't tell you your top notes are a bit pitchy, but they'll definitely let you know if they're bored.  They actually like repetition, unlike adults. And they'll think your funny voices are HILARIOUS.

3. They connect with all sorts of kids
Actors and performers tend to have high emotional intelligence, which helps them connect with kids. They often have a special ability to channel boisterous kids into creative directions, finding an outlet for their energy -- and can also help bring quieter kids out of their shells. Meanwhile parents love having positive role models for their kids.

4. You don't have to be a professional nanny
To look after babies and toddlers, a nanny needs to have experience and qualifications. But for school-aged children -- 5 years to 10 years old -- it's okay to have less experience. You just need to have looked after or worked with children in some capacity. (If you sign up with Koru Kids, we'll also background check you, and give you basic paediatric first aid training.)

5. Flexible schedules
After school care happens from roughly 3:00-6:30pm, leaving after school nannies time in the rest of the day to do other things, as well as all the evenings free. 

If you're interested in become an after school nanny in London, find out more here.