Meet the team


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Rachel Carrell

Rachel is our CEO and founder. She came up with the idea for Koru Kids after watching her friends struggle to arrange their childcare and thinking, 'There must be a better way'. 

Rachel was previously Managing Director of the world's largest online doctor service, with 1.3 million patients in 3 countries; and also a chain of IVF clinics. Prior to that she worked at McKinsey for 6 years, and in the NHS. She has a Doctorate in Development from the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. In 2014 she was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. 

Rachel lives in North London with her husband and toddler, and can be found in the Highgate Wood playground almost every weekend. 


Rebecca Matthews

Rebecca is a qualified accountant, but don’t hold that against her. She’s also the former Head of Ecommerce at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, and for several years worked at KPMG as a management consultant.  While she will frolic happily in a spreadsheet for hours, her actual favourite thing about working at Koru Kids is when she gets to chat to mums about their kids and help them sort out the right childcare for their family.  She also loves cooking meals with way too many calories, and travelling with the aim of eating as much as possible. 

Rebecca has a BAcc (Accountancy and Finance) from the University of Glasgow.

Amir Hajizamani

Amir is our product guy with a serious software background. After a Computer Science degree from Cambridge, he spent several years as a developer, including working at Google and a number of startups. Along the way, he worked on the first version of education software which is now used in 2 out of 3 American schools. Amir started to get more interested in product management and design over software engineering, and shifted his focus to creating beautiful products with the right technology to solve customer problems in a smart way.  He joined the Koru Kids team because he felt parents were a hugely underserved group in software design, and he wanted to use his skills to help make beautiful, simple services that free up parents’ time and energy for more important things like hanging out with their kids.

Alice Wang

Alice is a lawyer and economist. After graduating top in her class at the University of Auckland, she went on to clerk at New Zealand’s Supreme Court and then was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at the University of Oxford, where she obtained two masters degrees, one in Economics and one in Public Policy (with distinction). Alice enjoys travelling, playing music, and a good cup of tea. She was born in Beijing but raised in Auckland, which makes her a ‘chiwi’ (a Chinese kiwi). She insists this is a real word.


About Our Work

Early on, a bunch of our friends signed up for the service. As we've grown, we're really proud of the roster of other great parents that have joined them, including lots of doctors, academics, entrepreneurs, creatives, managers of big companies, educators, and other professionals. The parents we work with tend to be interesting and successful people who are really thoughtful about their children's development. 

Our company name is Koru Kids Ltd, company number is 10047637, and our HQ is 110 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2LS.  'Koru Kids' is a registered trademark (UK00003153316).  We are registered with the Information Commissioners' Office (registration number ZA181818), and also affiliated with the Financial Conduct Authority's Innovation Hub.  We're grateful for the ongoing support (financial and moral!) of Camden Council.


What does Koru mean, anyway?

'Koru' is Maori for 'loop', and in New Zealand it's often used to refer to the unfurling fern frond.  A koru stands for new life, growth, strength and peace. We like the idea of a loop of care, a circle of people we trust to take care of our children when we're not there.  Our children are a bit like fern fronds, unfurling before us. Our founder's daughter's middle name is Fern. So 'Koru' just felt right. And if you look closely, there's an unfurling fern frond in our logo.


And do you nanny share with your own kids?

Of course! Here are Nimmy and Maja, together with their nanny Anna.

How can I contact you?

So many ways! Email us at, or use the form below, or call us on 0203 808 8031 .

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