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Passionate about bringing up great kids

Hi, I’m Rachel, the founder of Koru Kids and our monthly newsletter, ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’.

We all want to raise great kids – and not break ourselves in the process.

But the world is changing fast and we can’t always rely on just doing what our own parents did.

In my newsletter I bring you – in brief, because you’re busy! –  useful stuff to help you parent in 2024. Always full of practical tips, always evidence-based.

Recent newsletter themes include:

  • Whether to have another child
  • How to help fussy eaters
  • How to raise resilient kids

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two small children playing and having fun in the mud with toys and sticks

Don't just take our word for it

The Koru Kids mission

Building a better childcare system

We’re on a mission to find every family the childcare they need to help their family flourish. Childcare that creates awesome mini-humans, puts emotional wellbeing first, is easy to arrange, and doesn’t cost the earth.

Quality childcare not only improves children’s lives, but gives you the opportunity to pursue your career aspirations—so the whole family is happy and thriving.

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