The Koru Kids Story

I'm Rachel Carrell, founder and CEO of Koru Kids. I'm also a mum from Highgate in North London (although originally from New Zealand). Before founding Koru Kids, I worked at McKinsey and in health technology for years. But it was only when I had a baby - and all my friends had babies - that I realised how difficult childcare was in London. It's hard to arrange, incredibly expensive, and common options like nursery just don't work for lots of families. I kept hearing horror stories from friends who weren't happy with their choices but felt powerless to change them. I also saw lots of female friends unable to go back to work, or making career choices they didn't really want to make, just because they couldn't find the right childcare. I felt deeply that this was unfair, and bad for society.

Koru Kids founder Rachel and her daughter

I decided to quit my job and make it my life's work to create better childcare options in London. I set up Koru Kids to be all about three things: really great childcare, as affordable as possible, and as convenient as possible. Along the way, I've been lucky enough to get amazing backers like Michael Pennington, the co-founder of Gumtree, and to be joined by a super talented and dedicated team of staff.

As an aside -- I'm personally obsessed with child development and set up a Facebook group, "Bringing Up Great Kids", to share interesting blogs and articles about child development and techniques. Whether you're a parent, a nanny or just an interested person, you're most welcome to join us there. Bringing Up Great Kids is also a club on Clubhouse, so follow @rachcarrell on Clubhouse to hear about upcoming shows.

We love chatting to parents so if you'd like to find out more you can call us on 020 8050 5678 or email us at

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